Saturday, December 10, 2011


We left Wednesday morning for our first road trip with our 4 week old girl. Thankfully she sleeps well in the car. Having a newborn turned this 6-7 hour trip into a 8-9 hour trip. But it was so worthwhile because it was so fun to see David's family. I even got in a nice long nap, which made me REALLY like roadtrips! 

Granny and Papa are happy to see Ava

4 Generation on the Johnson family side

Thanksgiving morning snuggles

Callie and I helping Tom with Thanksgiving dinner.

Getting in some mat time 

Our first Thanksgiving as a family of 3!
Ava wearing the dress her Mommy wore as a baby

Rusty getting some sweet Ava snuggles

4 Generation Pic on the Hanson side

Poor Grandmother Joann was sick with the tummy bug and didn't get to hold her this trip.

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  1. Love these photos! That photo of Rus is great :)