Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Tree Lighting

Last Sunday our church had their annual christmas tree lighting. They have an evergreen tree planted at the front of the church that they decorate each year and light at Christmastime. I was so excited that LifePoint has this tree lighting because for the past 8 years we have lived in college towns and at Tech they had the Carol of Lights and at Baylor they have Christmas on 5th Street. I have really enjoyed going to both of these events and would really miss this if there was not a fun christmas event in Plano.

I was unsure what to expect. They had an hour long production with skits and christmas carols. The opening skit David and Matt (the youth's worship pastor) performed. It was very funny. They did a great job! After the christmas show was over they lit the tree but due to all the rain a power cord had gotten wet and it blew a fuse. So the lights did not come on. We still had a blast visiting and eating cookies that people had brought.

My mom came in for the lighting

Rochelle has become good friend and she is one of the youth's parents

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