Friday, February 25, 2011

Life as Usual

World Bridge Language Center
This is a picture of the language school where we spend 2 hours a day 3 days a week learning the native tongue. It is tough, but definately needed to get by here!

Our language teachers
These ladies are our language teachers. They are both so fun and we all love to laugh together while learning. They make going to class enjoyable.

Our home

Our helper
Here the whities and rich people have what are called helpers. The culture expects you to have them because it helps the local economy. She is such a blessing. 

Celebrating a friends first birthday

At the party

Walking to church

After the service there was refreshments and fellowship.

Date Night

Cute Maya Pics

"Oh goodness Aunt Ash, what have you done to my hair?!"

Things are going great with us. It's hard to believe that we are half way through this journey. Time has flown by but we are excited about the months to come. March will involve many travels so check back for updated pics. Continue to pray for us and the team we are with as we discern how to best serve those around us. There is great need for both sowing and reaping and we desire to see this happen in an awesome way!


Ashley & David

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Creation Testifies

Last Saturday we went to a Garden/Park in a neighboring town. It is really the only large scale park where they have gone to great links to keep it nice and manicured. I would compare it to the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth. Anyway, the place was amazing!

This reminded me of a Narnia scene.

Daddy, Daughter, Horsey.

Mossy Path

The place was filled with random walking paths like this one. I loved the "pick your own adventure" feel it had. Took me back to the days of "Hardy Boys." (Children's pick your own adventure book) But I usually ended up captured or stuck in a cave in in those.

At the top of one hill you could look down over the rice fields in the neighboring countryside. 

This is looking over that edge at the river that feeds water to the rice fields. I wanted to stay the night in that hut. Ashley didn't sound to thrilled about that idea.

In the center of the garden was a hundred foot row of assorted flowers. If you look closely you can see a group of students on a field trip. However, I had enough of flowers and wanted a rush so I decided to jump on the zip line that crossed this center section.

Maybe this was a bad idea?

I was a little unnerved when I realized the ladder was made of bamboo, the only thing stopping me from hitting a tree on the other side was a dude with a rope, and the fact that there was no release forms or safety codes, but oh well...

Oh, and we also had to wear bicycle helment's which I'm sure would protect my cranium in the case of a 50ft. drop. But it had flames on it so I'm sure it was legit.

Me cruising over MJ's giant head.

You've heard of backpacks, but this is the Mayapack.

"I am all that is man."
- MJ Perry

After thinking about it, I probably should have let MJ go first to see if it was safe. Maybe thats why he let me take the lead? Dang.

The park also had one of those boat rides where the boat goes back and forth up in the air. It was a small version of the one at Six Flags. It was also Maya's first "roller coaster," and she was a little freaked out, but had fun.

"What did you take me on!?"

Isn't that a face that says, "I'm having a blast!"? She had quite the grip on the Mayapack. 

Needless to say, this was her favorite.

This is at the front of that 100 foot center section.

After leaving the gardens we stopped at probably the coolest restaurant I've ever been to. It was made of bamboo and sat on top of a coy pond!

There was no floor under some tables, where you could look through the glass and see the fish swimming. But thats got to be torture for the fish who look up and see you eating their friends.

"My cup overflows." -Psalm 23:5

Feeding the fishies.

Poking the fishies.
We had a blast on this weekend outing. As the title of this post implies, we were amazed at God's handiwork. This country is beautiful and we feel blessed to experience it. 


David & Ash