Thursday, December 20, 2012


Lately Ava has been getting into all the things that she knows she shouldn't. It has been trying and it has been a work of Jesus in my heart to make me more patient. But needless to say we have been having to do more spanking of her little hand and time outs. And it breaks my heart. Ava really hates time out. She screams and screams. Yesterday I was working on some Christmas projects on my computer. I left the room for a moment and when I came back in this is what I found. Ava's face looks as if her hand has been found in the cookie jar. So I had to capture the moment. Then sadly she was disciplined. Please pray for our little girls heart to be one of sweetness and obedience and me to be consistent and patient with her. 

Diaper Head!

David was playing with Ava the other night and they kept placing the diaper on her head. She thought it was so fun!

Then Ava had the great idea of carrying the diaper around for the rest of the evening. Ava loves to have fun. She is a lot like her Mommy and Daddy in that way!

Monday, December 3, 2012


On Friday we decorated the house for Christmas. It was a nice day. We began the morning with a yummy breakfast. David and I had our coffee. Then we began the decorating. 

I must say this years decorating was much easier than last years. Last year it was a two day endeavor where we decorated between Ava's cries. This year Ava had a great time playing with the beads and getting into the paper that covered the decorations. 

Ava REALLY likes the beads. Since the tree has been up she keeps trying to pull them off the tree. It makes the tree look unbalanced but I guess that's what happens when you have a one year old. 

Taking down our fall decorations.

Daddy and Ava watching our annual tradition of Elf.

Pulling ornaments off the tree. This is gonna be a long month!

Ava loves this step ladder. Anytime it's out she climbs up and down it. She gets very excited about it!