Sunday, January 8, 2012


Tonight Ava has been very into Pooh. She has been reaching for him and holding onto him. She even grabbed him and started shaking him. This is the first toy that she has been consistently grabbing for. She is getting so big! 

Ava holding Pooh's hand
David is playing with her on the other side of Pooh yet she kept reaching for Pooh even though David was on the other side.


She is VERY into Pooh!


Yesterday and today Ava has been very into her hands. She has been staring at them, holding them, and especially sucking on them.

Ava holding her hands

She even played with a rattle. I placed the rattle in her hand to see what she would do and she clutched it and every time she would move her arm she would shake the rattle. It was so neat seeing her play with a toy.

Like Father like daughter


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Bumbo!

Today Ava sat in her bumbo for the first time and she did great! She sat in the chair and we played.

She doesn't know quite what to think :)

Precious Baby Girl!

And we began getting tired, thus slouching.

Hanson's Visit

This weekend David's parents came to Plano to celebrate Christmas. Ava had lots of fun playing with Granny, Papa, Uncle Andy and Aunt Callie.

New Years Eve

On New Year's Eve David went to bed at 10:30 because he had to preach the next day for the "big church". It was the most anti-climatic New Year's that I have had. I spent a while in Ava's room trying to get Ava to go to sleep. I walked out of her room at exactly midnight. :)
Ava slept for seven hours this night! It was AMAZING. I woke up after being asleep for six hours and realized that Ava had not woken up to eat yet. This was a great feeling! David's sermon that morning was great. I was very proud of him!

Ava dressed up to hear her Daddy preach!


For my 27th birthday we went to the Dallas World Aquarium. I was surprised because it was more than just an aquarium they had a section that was a rainforest as well.  It was so fun to walk around and see all the aquatic and exotic animals.

These were tiny monkeys! About the size of a hamster.

Love the double chin! So cute!!!

The Perry's in front of the Indonesia exhibit.

I now know why they call this aquarium the Dallas WORLD Aquarium. They had aquariums labeled with foreign countries with marine life from that area. It was really neat seeing all the different fish. They had fish with pink bodies and an orange tail, and they had fish with really unusual designs on their bodies. I have never seen such unusual fish before.

All smiles!


I like how you can see all the fish in the tank below.
We watched the shark feeding and you can't tell from this picture but this shark is eating his dinner!

Tummy Time

Ava has been doing lots of tummy time lately. At times she enjoys it and other times she will just scream. She has gotten very good at holding her head up. Here is the evidence. 

Look how high she is holding her head!

Toys surround her.

Other cute pictures of the same night.

Crazy hair!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas #2

On Christmas day we went to my mom's house and had "Christmas Eve" with the Caivano side of the family. Everyone spent the night and had Christmas morning on the 26th.

The action of the kids opening their stockings

Ava enjoying the book Nana gave her in her stocking.

Opening Ava's gifts

Tummy Time

Girl Time

Lily and Ava "playing"

I love all the action at my mom's house when everyone is together. It is so fun seeing all the cousins interact.

Cousin pic

Granny and Ava

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we began at our house. Nana joined us on Christmas Eve so she was with us for presents on Christmas morning. It was such a great morning. We had coffee and coffee cake for breakfast while we opened stockings. It was so fun to have our little girl to open gifts with that morning. 

Christmas morning before presents

Ava is very excited about her stocking!

Ava opening gifts

Love this face!

David's big gift.
He has wanted a clock for over the mantle since we have moved into our house.

After opening presents, we visited and had lunch and then prepared to leave for my mom's house to be with the rest of the family that evening. It was such a great leisurely afternoon at our house.

David really enjoying Sesame Street with Drew and Maya
Our "Nokia" pose. The kiddos in age order.

It was a great first Christmas with our little girl. It is so fun being a mom and getting to have Christmas as a family of three.