Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ben is One!

For Ben's first birthday David took the day off. We went to a neat pumpkin patch in the morning. I was so bummed because the pumpkin patch was technically closed until after 1:00. Which meant that the bounce house was closed and they weren't running the hay ride. Also we were unable to purchase any pumpkins. Even though everything else was closed we were able to run through the maze and play with pumpkins which was enough for my kiddos. They had fun!

Ben liked playing with the hay. He had never felt anything quite like it and was very intrigued by it!

After the pumpkin patch we went for a picnic and played at a large park in Frisco. 

It was a fun day. I'm so thankful God gave me my baby boy a year ago!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Nana's House

Nana's house has been a happening place these days. Ava loves going to Nana's because 1. Nana is there! 2. All her cousins are there! We to Nana's this past weekend while David was speaking at another retreat.

Ava has loved playing with Maya's sea shells she brought back from Galveston. Note to self... bring shells home next time we go to the beach.


Hayley took Maya to get her hair cut so Nana took advantage and took Jakin and Ava to McDonald's. It looks like they had a blast eating and then playing!

Watching the penguin show. Ava has asked for the penguin show multiple times since and she has been very into penguins

Building a tall tower!

There is a train that runs by the Trinity River in Fort Worth. Ava and Ben had an opportunity to ride their first train. They had a blast. Ava enjoyed looking and talking about the trees and peoples (as she calls people she doesn't know) Ben sat so still in my lap until the very end he started to get a little restless. I was nervous that he wouldn't want to sit but he did awesome!

My mom put in this swing set a few months ago and the kids LOVE it! The only problem now is that when all the cousins are together there is only three swings and there are many meltdowns over the swings. But this last time we were there the kids started to push each other... which is a win win for everyone!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Whether rain or shine!

Ava and Ben love being outside. Last night it rained and so this morning she tried to play with the mud in our backyard so I promised her a trip to the park so she wouldn't get all muddy. Ava was very fussy today and although it was a bit cold and windy I followed up with my promise. So we bundled up and headed out. It was a nice break to our afternoon. 

Love that sweet girl, even when she is having a fussy day!

Ava and Ben love coming to the park. They had a blast despite the cooler temps!

Hanging at Home

Ava loves to help Mommy. Whether it be sweeping the floor, making dinner, or doing dishes, she loves to help and I try to encourage that in hopes that it will continue to when she is really able to be really helpful!

Building legos...

Mommy's mad lego skills! It's a giraffe if you were wondering... 

Ava got a hold of my phone and went on a photo op. She took pictures of me holding Ben, Buddy, her car and this picture...  I love her little foot in this picture!

The table is a recent addition to his room. He loves it! He dances to the music that plays and its adorable!!!

I love my babies!

Ava loves holding Ben... whether it be against his will or not! 

Cousins in Plano!

Hayley and MJ were in Plano last week celebrating Robert's birthday. Since they were in town Hayley brought the kids over to play with Ava and Ben. It was so good seeing them and catching up with Hayley. Ava and Ben had a blast playing with their cousins!

Ava LOVES Maya!

Jakin is so sweet with Benjamin. He is going to make a great big brother!

Picture with moving babies... As usual, the best we could get! :)

Rainforest Cafe

Mom came to visit on Tuesday and forgot her crocheting stuff for Josiah's blanket. Since Ben, Ava and I have long days on Wednesday we met her at the Grapevine Mills Mall after the kids napped to return her crocheting. When we got to the Grapevine Mills Mall Ava was so excited because she saw the animals that were outside the Rainforest Cafe entrance. We walked around the mall... That place is a city! Then we had dinner at the rainforest cafe. Ava had a blast. She didn't eat her dinner because she was so distracted from everything that was going on. She loved going around and looking at all the animals. She said her favorite was the elephants.

Could he be CUTER?!

Yes, Ben's eyes look crazy but it was the best picture we have! 

Friday, October 10, 2014


David spoke at a church retreat last weekend and they gave him a gift basket with some fun kids stuff. It had special treats, such as, juice boxes and goldfish and graham cracker bunnies. But Ava's favorite goodie was the painting. We got home on Sunday and she saw it first thing on Monday morning and begged to do it. She had a blast painting! The packet came with two sheets to paint and she used both in one day.

My little artist! I have hesitated to embrace painting because of the mess it would make but we had a blast and she did really good to not get it everywhere. Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.

This little man had fun pulling up on Mommy while I supervised Ava's painting. And on a side note, could he be cuter in overalls?!

The only thing that kept Ava from painting both pages that morning was promising her that she and Daddy could paint when he got home. So when David got home that night we ate dinner and she and Daddy got to work making a masterpiece.

Both Ava and Daddy hard at work. 
She had some paint left over the next day so the next morning she asked to paint again. So we painted plain white paper and she was occupied for a while doing that.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The pumpkin patch

David spoke at a retreat this weekend and so Ava, Ben and I spent the weekend at my mom's house. On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch with Nana and Bobby's family. It was a blast. There was so many fun things to keep the kids occupied all morning. They had bounce houses, a maze, a hay ride, a petting zoo, pony rides, a western train and a pumpkin patch. The kids got to do a little bit of everything. I think Ava's favorite was probably the bounce house. 

Ava at the bounce house

Trying to get five little kids to look at the camera at once is quite a feat!

This was a very large pumpkin!

Ben's first hay ride... Although it was more of a tractor ride since there was no hay involved.

Waiting patiently to ride a pony

Ava's first pony ride

The petting zoo.

The western train!

Sleep over!!!

Ava and Lily had a sleep over at Nana's house on Friday and everything was exciting to them. From matching jammas to popsicles to an episode of Dora to getting to sleep in pack n plays right next to each other in Nana's room. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

One time the hugged each other so hard they toppled on top of on another. They recovered quickly and began hugging again!

They kept cheersing their popsicles.

Ava's face is very blurry in this picture but I love how excited her face is.

Even brushing teeth is more fun when you get to brush with your cousin! These girls are so adorable and I love seeing their sweet friendship that is forming!