Monday, October 6, 2014

My Guy

Benjamin is almost a year old and I cannot believe it! He is laid back and very fun. He loves to laugh. Yesterday we were driving home from Fort Worth and it was so fun to hear them playing with each other giggling and laughing at each other from their carseats. Ava loves to make him laugh and he loves it when she acts silly! Ben loves to pull up to standing and crawl around, but he isn't too interested in cruising yet. He is very much a boy! He loves to throw balls crawl to it and throw it again. He loves to play catch with Daddy. He loves to bite Mommy and pull hair. He has 11 teeth and is working on getting number 12 as well. He has been an easy teether so far. I just love this little boy and I'm so thankful for him!

These pictures were taken around a month ago but I love them so I wanted to share!

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