Monday, October 20, 2014

Nana's House

Nana's house has been a happening place these days. Ava loves going to Nana's because 1. Nana is there! 2. All her cousins are there! We to Nana's this past weekend while David was speaking at another retreat.

Ava has loved playing with Maya's sea shells she brought back from Galveston. Note to self... bring shells home next time we go to the beach.


Hayley took Maya to get her hair cut so Nana took advantage and took Jakin and Ava to McDonald's. It looks like they had a blast eating and then playing!

Watching the penguin show. Ava has asked for the penguin show multiple times since and she has been very into penguins

Building a tall tower!

There is a train that runs by the Trinity River in Fort Worth. Ava and Ben had an opportunity to ride their first train. They had a blast. Ava enjoyed looking and talking about the trees and peoples (as she calls people she doesn't know) Ben sat so still in my lap until the very end he started to get a little restless. I was nervous that he wouldn't want to sit but he did awesome!

My mom put in this swing set a few months ago and the kids LOVE it! The only problem now is that when all the cousins are together there is only three swings and there are many meltdowns over the swings. But this last time we were there the kids started to push each other... which is a win win for everyone!

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