Friday, October 10, 2014


David spoke at a church retreat last weekend and they gave him a gift basket with some fun kids stuff. It had special treats, such as, juice boxes and goldfish and graham cracker bunnies. But Ava's favorite goodie was the painting. We got home on Sunday and she saw it first thing on Monday morning and begged to do it. She had a blast painting! The packet came with two sheets to paint and she used both in one day.

My little artist! I have hesitated to embrace painting because of the mess it would make but we had a blast and she did really good to not get it everywhere. Maybe a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.

This little man had fun pulling up on Mommy while I supervised Ava's painting. And on a side note, could he be cuter in overalls?!

The only thing that kept Ava from painting both pages that morning was promising her that she and Daddy could paint when he got home. So when David got home that night we ate dinner and she and Daddy got to work making a masterpiece.

Both Ava and Daddy hard at work. 
She had some paint left over the next day so the next morning she asked to paint again. So we painted plain white paper and she was occupied for a while doing that.

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