Monday, October 13, 2014

Rainforest Cafe

Mom came to visit on Tuesday and forgot her crocheting stuff for Josiah's blanket. Since Ben, Ava and I have long days on Wednesday we met her at the Grapevine Mills Mall after the kids napped to return her crocheting. When we got to the Grapevine Mills Mall Ava was so excited because she saw the animals that were outside the Rainforest Cafe entrance. We walked around the mall... That place is a city! Then we had dinner at the rainforest cafe. Ava had a blast. She didn't eat her dinner because she was so distracted from everything that was going on. She loved going around and looking at all the animals. She said her favorite was the elephants.

Could he be CUTER?!

Yes, Ben's eyes look crazy but it was the best picture we have! 

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