Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I tried to get some cute pictures of Ava in her Easter dress before church but she had other ideas. So this is what I could manage to get... And her hair is wet because we had given her a bath before church that morning.

Ava doing a little pre-church dancing.

Easter Picnic

Trying to get some cute pictures of Ava before the picnic... Ava did not want to cooperate.

I love this picture of Ava and Uncle Andy walking together.

They had bounce houses at the picnic. Ava had a blast jumping away!

Pure joy!

After the Easter egg hunt. We have some pictures of Ava picking eggs at the hunt but they are on a camera at David's work. I will add them when I get them at a later time.


I have been really wanting doughnuts lately (which is strange because I normally do not like them). So last weekend I went to Dunkin Doughnuts and got David and I some doughnuts and Ava some munchkins. This was her first experience with doughnuts and she LOVED it! There is no going back for this girl. :)

Ava enjoying her snack of munchkins! There was powdered sugar everywhere by the end of the snack. I had to cut her off at 3. Who knows how many she would have had if I hadn't cut her off!

Bed Head!

 Last week Ava woke up with some CRAZY bed head. So, of course, I had to capture it with a couple pics.

Ava loves herself some blueberries!

March Madness!

Ava and her Daddy pointing out the clouds, birds, planes and all other things that are in the sky.

Ava loves sitting at this table and playing with the blocks. Although lately she has just been wanting to dump all the blocks out of the bag play with them for a moment and walk away.

Ava and Lily SHARING the envied bike!

Sweet smile!

Ava doing one of her favorite activities... playing outside!

Ava loves this pinwheel!

I've been discipling a girl on Tuesdays so we meet at McDonald's so Ava can play at the play place and  we can fellowship.

Ava loves her dog! She is constantly trying to pet him, hug him, and play with him any way possible.


This winter I was really bad about taking pictures with my camera so these are mainly from my iPhone.  So here is a bunch of pictures from this winter.

This girl looks good in a hat!

Christmas Eve putting the last item on the advent tree.

Mom and Ava on our "Christmas Eve"

Ava and I at my birthday dinner.

This girl can pull off a scarf.

Early morning watching a show in her chair.

Ava loves these water bottles of mine and David's. Anytime she sees David or I with it she begs to have a drink.

Ava already loves her Bible! Hallelujah!

Play date at the park with friends.

Andrew's birthday party. Ava had a blast at the bounce house.

Ava discovered the great outdoors this winter and loves it! 

I love this girls smile!

Ava loving herself some balloons!

This picture is so blurry but the face behind the blur is precious. That smile is beautiful!

David's birthday lunch was a bore to Ava. 

It's so crazy to me how much she's grown up in just a few short months. She's gotten so much taller, her hair has grown so much and her little personality is shining through more and more! She is so much fun and such a joy to be with.