Sunday, April 29, 2012

Standing Firm

Today Ava has been pulling up onto things quite a bit. Earlier today I was sitting on the couch and she pulled herself to standing position a few times and she would just stand there playing with me for a little bit.

Ava and Daddy playing. 
He takes her arms and legs and rocks her back and forth and she loves it!

Ava also pulled herself to standing on me. And she just hung out there standing for a little while so we were able to capture it on film!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

6 months!

Today we began the day at the doctors office with Ava getting her 6 month check up. She weighs 15 lbs 9 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long. Later in the day we had issues getting good pictures. She was just so wiggly. She did not want to stay still for them. So this is what we got.

Sweet smile!

This month Ava has accomplished so much. She started army crawling and she pulled up onto the coffee table once. Also, she will crawl normally a couple of times and then she will give up and start army crawling again. Ava loves to play in her jumper, which David and I like to call her hoppy, and she just really likes to play on the floor. She is definitely a mommas girl, but she gives Daddy great giggles and always smiles when she sees him. We are so blessed to have this joyful baby in our lives for the past 6 months.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Yummy Yummy

Today we began feeding Ava rice cereal. She hated every minute of it. Here's the play by play:

She studied the spoon.

Then she started to eat the spoon. Yet, when the spoon had food on it she wanted nothing to do with it.

All smiles now. Just wait...

We were a bit ambitious with the amount of cereal that we started with. She ate a few bites of this. We have learned to just make 1/4 of this amount.

You can't really tell but her face had cereal all over it!

Nana tuned in for the experience.

She was very into the sippie cup. 

Look at those CHUBBY cheeks! Gotta love it.

By the end of the meal she was very upset so we gave up.

As a reward we went to the park and Ava got to swing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day at the Park

The day after Easter we all went to the park. It was a great time for all. Ava and Lily had fun swinging, Maya and Drew had fun running around, the guys had fun throwing the ball around, the girls had fun chatting and Jakin observed the action from the carrier. 

Monday, April 9, 2012


Easter morning was busy for the Hanson's so I was unable to get any pictures of Ava that morning. There was no youth on Easter morning so I was able to sit with David in the service. It's always such a treat when I get to sit with him at church! After church we had lunch and headed over to Nana's house.

Nana's gift for Ava

Ava sporting her bunny hat

Maya is such a HAM!

Granny, Mark and Melissa came over for Easter dinner. I really enjoyed catching up with Mark and Melissa and seeing Granny!

Ava hanging with Daddy during Easter dinner

Such SWEET smiles!!!

Sitting so pretty!

Sweet girls!

David playing with the kiddos.
They were so cute jumping on the bed!

We had a great time at my mom's house. I really enjoy it when all the cousins are together. Maya and Drew play so cute together. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Picnic

LifePoint has a picnic and easter egg hunt every year the Saturday before Easter. David was the MC for the games and such at the picnic, so my mom came and joined Ava and I for the picnic.

Cutie Pie is all smiles.

Mingling at the picnic

Ava all dressed up

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day of Discoveries

Wednesdays are David's long days and he does not get to see Ava very much. So yesterday Ava and I decided to bring him lunch so he could play with his little girl.

Ava was very into the post its. She spent a lot of time crinkling the paper.

Ava hard at work destroying the post it notes.

Then David let her play with a pen for the first time. She did the same thing with the pen that she does with her passis. She will hold it in her hand and watch as she moves her wrist around. I think that she likes to see how she can manipulate things to do what she wants.

Exploring the toys  

When we got home Ava had a great afternoon of exploration. Ava found her toys! She was so content reaching for the toys and playing with them for a long time.

I love this happy face!

Ava also discovered where we keep her play mat. She had lots of fun playing with the dangling toys that she could reach.

Ava crawling to Mommy