Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day of Discoveries

Wednesdays are David's long days and he does not get to see Ava very much. So yesterday Ava and I decided to bring him lunch so he could play with his little girl.

Ava was very into the post its. She spent a lot of time crinkling the paper.

Ava hard at work destroying the post it notes.

Then David let her play with a pen for the first time. She did the same thing with the pen that she does with her passis. She will hold it in her hand and watch as she moves her wrist around. I think that she likes to see how she can manipulate things to do what she wants.

Exploring the toys  

When we got home Ava had a great afternoon of exploration. Ava found her toys! She was so content reaching for the toys and playing with them for a long time.

I love this happy face!

Ava also discovered where we keep her play mat. She had lots of fun playing with the dangling toys that she could reach.

Ava crawling to Mommy

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