Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Time

And then there were three. We enjoy having a little girl to love on and take care of. Here are some pictures of our life since Ava has arrived.

Ava at one week old. She has already grown up so much and she is only 6 weeks!

This face cracks me up!

David doing house work and he was unable to find his normal headphones... so he settled for these. 

She is not so sure what she thinks of the bouncer

"No more pictures!"

Being Silly!

It works for grown ups too!

Daddy hard at work getting those burps. Ava does not burp very well!

We played dress up one day and I love these pictures of her in this dress I wore as a baby.


Another outfit that I wore as a baby. I think its neat dressing her in clothes that I wore as a baby.

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