Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Date Night

Date night has significantly changed recently. On Friday night Ava and I met David at the church and we went out to our first restaurant since Ava was born. She slept in her car seat until the very end of the meal. Huge success in my book! It was nice to get out for an evening. 

I love this jacket!

Ava and I played at the church for a while before dinner.

After dinner we, of course, went back to the house and played with our girlie.

I love this expression and that her fists are by her mouth. 

I have really been enjoying the cloth diapers. I don't feel like they are that much work and they look super cute on! I like all the colors they come in. 

I think its so cute how her belly pokes up above David's arm.

I love the faces that she makes when she stands.

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  1. How are the diapers working out? Have you had any leaks/other problems? I love the colors, too! I think that's what really sold me on the cloth diapers (besides the low cost) was the colors and cute patterns. Love them! She is so cute, and getting even cuter!