Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Big Event!

I was induced. So the day began like any other. David and I joke about how funny it was to drive to the hospital pain-free and while having normal conversation and once we got to the hospital how we just casually walked in with all of our luggage and told the receptionist we are supposed to have our baby today. Not exactly what I had pictured in my mind of how the day I gave birth would begin.

Excited about meeting my girl!

After the epidural. Very happy!

I labored for 2 1/2 hours without an epidural and my nurse had told me that the contractions that I was experiencing were "mild" according to the monitor. At that time I decided that I did not want to know what strong contractions felt like! I was very pleased with that decision. We then welcomed the family back in and visited until it was time to deliver. It was great. The only sad thing was that I was not allowed anything to drink. I wanted water so badly. And my nurse, David and my mom knew that very well.

Our nurse was so great.

Soon to be Nana for the 4th time.

Visiting during labor, thank goodness for the epidural. Would have been a much different situation if I had not had one.

Ava Catherine Hanson.
Born at 7:47 PM. Weighing 8 lbs 3 oz. Length 20 3/4 inches.

The nurses working on Ava

Ava holding her Daddy's finger

Her very proud Daddy 

That is me way down below all of the blankets

I was sadly unable to hold her for a few hours after the delivery due to some complications after delivery. But everyone was really sweet and would hold her to where I was able to see her and be near her.

Our sweet family members who waited to get to meet Miss Ava

The shirt David wore in the delivery. Those are Ava's foot prints.

The rest of our hospital stay was great. We had good nurses and food. We had lots of excited people come visit to get to meet our girl.

David adoring his girl

Sweet snuggles

Classic Ava with her fist by her face

Nana with Ava

Grandmother JoAnn and Aunt Jayne meeting Ava

Kim and Ava

The hospital food was actually very good

Ava's first test. Her hearing screen. Passed with flying colors.

Getting ready to go home.

First family pic!

Beautiful Girl!

"Where are we going NOW???"

On our way out.

Home Sweet Home

Buddy Meeting Ava

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  1. So glad you updated! :) Beautiful photos. so glad we got to meet her!