Friday, December 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Due to not blogging for 6 weeks we are behind with the cute sleeping pics. So here they are!

2 days old

Yes it is dark, but it is priceless!


Late night? Early morning? Who knows, it's all pretty much a blur . :)

Look at the hand... Hilarious!

Sleeping soundly... Do you see the drool??

We see this face often. It is close to what her stretchy face looks like. 

This is a rare occurance... Sleeping in the bouncer. I actually think this may be the one and only time and I doubt it lasted long. 

I love these jeans on her. They are currently a bit too large.

Her hands are often making a fist. I love that this picture captures that so well.

I love it when she sleeps on my chest. It is so sweet!

I love this picture. She looks SO precious!

Nana enjoying her granddaughter

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