Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Decorating!!!!!

Last night we didn't have life group since it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving so we took the opportunity of a free evening and decorated for Christmas. Some of my fondest memories as a kid is during Christmas time and decorating for Christmas. I want to replicate this for my kids. So we got out some of the classic Christmas tunes aka George Strait's Merry Christmas Strait to You, Reba McEntire's Merry Christmas to You, Alabama's The Classic Christmas, and Carpenters' Classic Christmas... Along with some Josh Groban, Pentatonix, and Michael Buble and we were ready to get to work!

Helping unpack boxes...

This picture was a reaction to me going crazy and being silly behind David taking a picture. Sweet smiling faces worth every ounce of my humiliation! ;)

I love this picture because it looks like they are throwing their heads back in laughter.

Ava placing her first Christmas ornament.

When I let Ben hold his first Christmas ornament in an attempt to get a picture he threw it on the floor. After the third attempt I finally gave up! Thankfully it didn't break!!!

I love this picture even though its a little blurry. He is such a mommas boy and I love getting his sweet baby boy hugs!

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