Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Caution... Cuteness Overload!!!

I often get this lip from time to time when I tell Benjamin "no". This time in particular I told him no to playing with my computer and I'm so glad I caught "the lip" on camera!

Cutie wrapped up in our in enormous "blue blanket". This was a gift when David and I got married... And it has become next to our pots and pans one of our most used wedding gifts! 

Recently Ben has started to stand without holding onto anything. Last week he took a step! I think he may be getting closer to walking. Also that face and those cheeks are too much!

Ava and her "iPad". I love that she calls this her iPad. It cracks me up everytime she calls it that! Love the simplistic thinking of a child!

I gave the warning prior to the viewing... Cuteness overload!

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