Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Festivities

We have been having a blast this December celebrating Christmas with various Christmas activities. We started off the month by going to Prestonwood's  Northern Lights Festival. It's a local megachurch that has a neat christmas festival for families.

Ava had a blast getting pictures with the stars of the ice skating show. Anna and the reindeer were especially hits with her.

Ben was enthralled with live nativity... Actually it was hard keeping him entertained during the 15 minutes program but good thing I keep lots of snacks on hand! Look at that little baby face and fist though! Too precious... The cheeks! 

Ava had been talking about meeting Anna and Elsa all day, but when she met them she froze. She looked terrified. But during the whole car ride home she kept asking to look at her Anna and Elsa picture. This picture also helped with potty training. She wants to see her Anna and Elsa picture all the time and it sometimes is her reward for going potty. 

I love the tradition that Lifepoint has. They have an annual Tree Lighting and I look forward to it during Christmas time because they always have a fun family event with singing and funny skits. This year David and the other pastors sang Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen as Santa's elves, and it was hilarious. 

The only picture we have of the night that I stole off of facebook that a church member posted. David was dressed as an elf for the skit and he had a wig on and pointy ears... Ava was scared of David's ears and hair. David tried to put his pointy ears on her and she was not going for it! 

After the service Daddy did a spontaneous Sonic stop. Ava loved it! We don't often do things like this. Thankful for my kid's fun Daddy who mixes things up!

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