Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Girly Girl or Tom Boy?

Ava is the perfect mix of tom boy and girly girl. She likes to rough house and be totally silly and crazy. She also loves to run around the house with her hooded towels and pretend that she is a superhero. She will make a whooshing sound as she "flies" around the house. Yet at the same time she likes to dress up, play dolls, and play "Annas and Elsas" (which pretty much means we play totally normal but Ava calls me Anna and I must call her Elsa)

Ava being silly as we were Christmas shopping in Target. She wanted to be a Superhero. This was her intense superhero face! Side note, look at that adorable baby boy in the backround!

My girly girl all dressed up in her Minnie Mouse attire. She loves dressing in her pretty Minnie Mouse dress.

Could this picture be any more precious with her little hands clasped below her chin?!

My girly tom boy playing in this crazy December weather outside. She loves going outside and getting down and dirty... I just love her so!

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