Sunday, November 30, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving at my moms house this year. We went to Fort Worth after David got off work on Tuesday. 

Tuesday night we went to Rosa's for dinner. 

Wednesday Bobby had to work but Lauren brought the kids over in the morning and they had a blast playing all day! All the big kids watching the penguin show together.

Ava got to meet her newest little cousin Josiah. She has been talking about going to see Maya's baby for weeks. 

Benjamin helping Mommy cook.

Lauren and I were ready to eat while the rest of the adults dawdled getting to the table!

My babies.

Granny with the Caivano sides great grand babies.

Will was my little buddy this week! I loved getting sweet William snuggles. 

These two boys are so cute! We got a small glimpse of things to come this week, they played catch together for a little bit.

Ben was worn out after a long day of fun playtime with cousins!

Friday we attempted to go to the Fort Worth Parade of Lights but after much traffic and ending up at the wrong parking lot we ditched that idea and went to Joe T's. It was a delicious consolation prize!

My two little buddies!

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