Sunday, November 30, 2014


November has just seemed to fly by. We have spent our time in many fun different ways. We have done lots of Christmas shopping, we have had lots of fires, and we had a fun Thanksgiving craft playdate with friends. Here's a few pictures to show all the things we've been up to.

Ava and Ben went with me to vote. Ava kept saying to me, "Mommy are we going to motored (vote)?" We talked about what voting was and she was very excited to participate and especially excited about the stickers we got after we voted.

Sometimes baths are just a fun way to pass time... I will often give them baths in the middle of the day for a fun new way to play. Ava had gotten a Dora bath toy for her birthday and has loved playing with it in and out of the tub.

Ava and Daddy's creation... Daddy makes the best buildings. Ava and I later made a spaceship that did not even closely resemble a spaceship but Ava kept calling it one. :)

Ava Daddy snuggles.


This guy likes to invade sisters bed even when she is just waking up.

Poor baby got sick for the first time this month. He required lots of middle of the night snuggles. (Which I was okay with since he isn't the snuggliest baby. I'll take them anytime I can get them!) He had strep and in addition to that he broke out in a full body rash. We went back to the pediatrician a week after he started his antibiotic and the doctor said that it was a reaction to the MMR vaccine he had received the week and a half prior. 

Rocking my poor sick baby.

Considering he was running fever and sick he was still in pretty good spirits. Still jamming to Daddy's beatbox.

David went to Atlanta for a youth ministry conference. He had a great experience and made lots of good connects while he was there. This is us face timing and David making crazy faces at me...

Ava and I playing hide from the dinosaur aka Buddy. She would put both her and Ben's chairs and place a blanket over them and say we are safe in the "tent". 

Ava got to stay up late and wait for Daddy to come home. She was so excited to see him and felt so special because she got to stay up late. David didn't get home until close to 9 so Ava and I had a nice evening playing together. We got some good one on one time together because Ben went to bed at his usual 7:15.

Ava was so happy to have Daddy home.

The Acura's transmission went out this month so instead of fixing it we decided it would be best to sell. We got our asking price! Praise the Lord! We are now a one car family and Ava has had to be woken up from her nap a few times to go get Daddy. She's not such a big fan of this, as you can tell from her face.

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