Saturday, November 1, 2014

Party time!!!

Welcome to Ava and Benjamin's Dora and Diego Birthday Party!

Because I worked for two months on making everything/getting everything ready for this party I am going to show a lot of set up pictures!

Before all the party guests got to our house the kids had lots of fun playing!

I think Ben's favorite part of the party was the balloons! He spent so much time pulling on them and laughing at them. It was so adorable!!!

Ava and Lily got a kick out of life size Dora!

We also got a couple of family pictures before everyone arrived.

I love this look on her face!!! Such a sweetie!

The ball pit... 
I had bought 300 balls thinking that would be plenty of balls for this fun party activity... Needless to say, my mother in law spent most of the morning looking for more balls... The ball pit totaled 900 balls! Who knew it would take so many balls!

Ben was entranced by Jakin blowing bubbles

Ava and Papa

Fun in the ball pit!

Little man having fun at his party!

I'm so glad Uncle Andy and Papa helped clean up all those balls...

Both kids got their faces painted for the first time! Ben held so still for it... Ava wasn't so sure about the experience!

Ben wasn't so sure about the cake at first...

Investigating further...

He eventually tore the cupcake into pieces and decided it may not be so bad after all!

Ava enjoying her cake with her friends!

By the time the party was over they were pooped! They both had a blast! Thanks to everyone who made their birthday so special!

Ben could have cared less about opening presents...

Ava showed him how its done after three years of practice!

Although Ben was totally uninterested in opening presents he has LOVED one present in particular...
 his chair. Ava has also enjoyed this present as well. She now not only gets peace in her chair but she gets to make fun tunnels and "roller coasters" with the chairs.

When Ava opened the wings she said "I can share with my friends! I get pink Maya purple and Lily blue." Love her heart!

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