Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This weekend we made a new friend...

Meet Hoppy. We found him in the garage when I got home from Waco on Sunday. David saw him initially and thought he was a large rat. So naturally he let out a yell. But then he got a better look at him and realized that he was just a harmless baby rabbit. We talked about it and wanted to keep him but then decided against it when we heard that cottontail rabbits die in captivity. So David spent some time in the garage trying to chase him out of our garage. It made me think of Peter Rabbit being chased from the garden by mean old Mr. McGregor. With one exception David was just trying to save Hoppy.

What I like to call swimming. She picks up her arms and legs and moves them about as if she were swimming. David and I mimicked her as she was doing this once and it is a great work out. I don't know how she sustains this position for very long but she does!

Little rolly polly. This girl loves to move around whether by rolling or scooting.

Ava loves to grab faces. She grabs lips, noses and chins. She will also grab the occasional eye. Ouch!

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