Thursday, March 1, 2012

4 Months

On Sunday Ava turned 4 months. We went to church and went to see David play a softball scrimmage. We had lots of fun at the park. We watched David play, took a walk, and played with a cute Golden Retriever puppy. 

Ava is rolling over like a pro. I will place her on the ground and she will roll across the room. She is also scooting. She will lift her stomach off the floor using her legs and propel herself forward. I think that she gets frustrated because she is not mobile yet because when she is scooting sometimes she will fuss as if to say "I want to crawl!" Ava gives lots of smiles and is getting easier to giggle. Ava lets out giggles and BIG smiles when we play horsey (I bounce her on my knee). One of her favorite places to be is still her changing table. When we are getting ready for bed at night I will just play with her on her changing table for like 20 minutes because she is just so happy and smiley. I am so thankful for my sweet content happy little baby.

Our trip to see Daddy's softball scrimmage

Ava's 4 month Butterfly pic

4 month pic

Ava went to the doctor Monday and had her 4 month check up. She weighs 14 lbs 11 oz and her length is 24 inches. She is in the 73% for weight and 40% for length. I love my little chunky monkey!!!

Sweet snuggles after getting shots today.

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  1. Those last few photos of her smiling are the CUTEST!