Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This girl could sleep through an earthquake. One night we went to check on her before we went to bed and we noticed that she had peed through her diaper onto her bed. So we laid her on the floor to change her and her bedding and she didn't wake up until we actually started changing her clothes. She slept through being soaked in pee and being moved off her bed!

Me and My Little Man!

Ava proudly showing off her outfit that she dressed herself in!

Playing together. 
In this picture they look like they are so sweetly playing together, in fact, they were fighting most of the time. Ben was going Godzilla on the ramp, constantly destroying it and making it undriveable.  Ava did not handle that so well... :)

My little ballerina. Ava LOVES to dance and I love watching her dance. She has improved her dance skills from running in circles to fun kick moves and even somersaults. Although running in circles is still an Ava favorite. She also makes the cutest facial expressions!

Ben loves wearing shoes. He will pull them out of the drawer that we store them in and bring them to us to put them on him. He even insists that we put them on him if he is wearing footie pajamas. On a side note, could he be cuter in that hoodie?!

Ava loves her new Frozen dolls that she got for Christmas.

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