Saturday, October 27, 2012

Love Bug Birthday

I call Ava my love bug, so we went with a lady bug theme for her party. Or as it shall be remembered as the invasion of the lady bug! I worked really hard on making all of these construction paper lady bugs so I wanted to show off my hard work! :)

If you look really closely all of these pictures have a little lady bug on them.

Andrew was SO cute. Waiting to dig into one of these cupcakes!

Our family of 3. 
Crazy that it's only been a year since we've been able to say that.

Pretty birthday girl!

These girls are too cute!

The girls were fascinated with the balloons.

Ready for some cupcakes!

And then I remembered, OH NO a bib!!! I quickly took the cupcake away from her to preserve her cute dress and we presumed cupcake consuming after she had her bib in place. Whoops! :)

Ava was really unsure of this cupcake business. She ate some of the icing, but when I tried to give her some cake she wailed!

We had to corral her over to the presents. We had her attention for a moment but for the rest of the gifts it was tough keeping her involved. :)

I gave her the hanger so she would maybe be preoccupied in hopes that she'd stay by the presents. (This is what I do in stores when we are out shopping to try to keep her from being fussy.)

As you can plainly see, I have given up and am opening gifts without her. :)

The lady bug was a hit. All the kiddos loved it. Thank you to Ben and Matt who were very inventive in their gift giving.

Andrew was very excited about his favor!

Baby Hugs.
Could this be any more precious???
(Other than the fact that I'm spotting them in the background :) )

Ava's party was a blast! So thankful for everyone who drove into Plano to celebrate! It was such a blessing to us to have all of you with us. 

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  1. Her party was sooo cute! You did great on the lady bugs and decorations. I really wish we could have made it! Can't wait to see you guys!