Friday, October 12, 2012

A morning in the life

I have been giving Ava her sippie cup lately while she plays and she really likes to take breaks from playtime to drink. She has been playing with it a lot and is starting to figure out that she needs to tilt the cup to get water out of it. She has been so used to her straw sippie cup that it confused her to have to lift it to get water.

So cute!

Ava's crawling on Mommy. Love this girl!

She has been sitting on her knees a lot lately and bouncing. This is what she is doing here. Ava's face in this picture cracks me up! She is having a good time.

Ava enjoys reclining on the blankets while playing with toys.

What a look on her face!

Ava's face lights up when she sees her Daddy. This is what she is seeing here that made her smile so brightly.

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