Sunday, September 23, 2012

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

This weekend David and I went to Fort Worth and stayed at my mom's house for a vacation and my mom stayed at our house and watched Ava for us. It was a great weekend we had lots of fun and lots of relaxation but boy did I miss my girl! So when we got home I took lots of pics of her.

Waking up from her nap. I don't think she appreciates the flash in her face!

Waking up takes a while. 

She makes this face often. So it's dear to my heart.

Ava actually crawled onto my leg and pulled herself to standing then climbed onto the table! This girl is a climber! 

I love how clearly you can see her teeth. She now has 2 on the top as well!

This girl lights up for her Daddy!

Ava is dancing for Daddy.

And now she is telling me all about it!

Ava LOVES Buddy. Buddy does not reciprocate. :)

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