Thursday, February 16, 2012


January was a big month for Ava. She found her hands and began grabbing for things. She rolled over for her first time and became very proficient at it. She laughed for her first time at Uncle Bob. And she became a lot more smiley. She gives her best smiles when she first wakes up and when she is looking at herself in the mirror. It is crazy how fast kiddos change at this age. Here is the month in a synapsis with pictures as my guide.

David's parents got him a lawn mower and a blower for his Christmas and birthday presents. Needless to say he did a LOT of yard work!

What a beautiful sleeping baby girl!

Like father; like daughter

Aunt Jules visiting Ava during One Conference

So beautiful!

Looking at the toys above

Ava began rolling over at the beginning of this month. Here I found her on her tummy screaming because she had rolled over and she did not want to be on her belly. She has warmed up to being on her tummy and now that is the only place she will lay when you lie her on the ground. 
When she first acquired the skill of rolling over she did not know what to do with herself. The first time she rolled over she was in her bed going down for a nap. She rolled to her tummy and she started crying because she didn't know what to do with her head if she was lieing on her belly. She got to where she would roll over and over in her bed when I would lie her down for naps. She would literally toss and turn. :)

Ava playing on her gym.

She is about to outgrow the butterfly. Her 3 month pic. 

3 months!

One night Ava was very fussy and it was dinnertime. We set Ava in the high chair to see what she would do. She loved it. She gave the sweetest smiles and we were able to eat some of our dinner while she chilled in her high chair!

Look at those legs!!!

Hello Cutie Pie!!!

David and I went on our first date baby-less at the end of January and my mom came and watched Ava. We had a nice night out just the two of us.

David's grandmother and Aunt Jayne came to Plano for a doctor's visit and got to visit us. It was so great seeing them. And I know they loved seeing Ava.

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