Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Fun

In February we spent many days hanging at home. Here are some pictures to capture the fun that we had at home.

One of Ava's favorite past times sucking on her hands.

Sleepy girl. Waking up from nap time.

Ava loves this ball. She loves to hold it and shove it in her mouth! 

I love this outfit on her. It looks so adult.

Posing so sweet for the picture.

That is one beautiful smile!

Buddy had a bath and David gave him a hair cut. It took David 3 hours but it saved us $50!

Ava had her 3 month pictures on the 20th. This is her all dressed up and ready for the photo shoot.

Bath time. She really enjoys sucking on the washcloths. I have decided to not let her do that anymore though because she is drinking the bath water. Ew. 

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