Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indonesia in review


David's Birthday Dinner

The cake that I slaved to make in the HOT kitchen. It was  delicious though.

Our language teacher wanted to expand our horizons and brought us an avocado shake. It consisted of avocado mixed with chocolate. It was better than anticipated.

We went to Malaysia in March to meet with friends and for business. 

The Market... Don't the veggies look delicious!

David is a hit with the kiddos, of course. They all had fun playing.

The Beach

This is a local park. Monkeys in Malaysia are like squirrels in America. They were everywhere.

Playing in the water

We went to Bali for a conference where I was in charge of the childcare. Here are some pictures to recap our adventures.

The babies playing

Trip to the beach for dinner

David with the Buckner and O'Quinn boys

A traditional Balinese dancer. It was an interesting show.
After our conference we went to North Bali for some fun!

Our voyage to North Bali

Time for scuba.




Hayley's Birthday Dinner

Hayley's Birthday Cake.
This cake making experience was much better than the first. It was a combination different factors. 1) The day was much cooler. 2) I knew what to expect when baking a cake from scratch. 3) I talked to my mom on skype while making it. 4) I set up a fan in the kitchen, very smart decision. All of those factors made a more pleasant baking experience. :)

At our last meeting the O'Quins got us a farewell cake. Really sweet people!

Tea Time with Hayley


David and Maya playing hide and seek. 

Maya picking her first easter egg. I will admit it was staged.

Taman Safari
The weekend before we returned to America we went to Taman Safari. This is the most awesome zoo because it is interactive! 

Maya is getting excited about the adventure ahead!

A bear cub walking past the vehicles on the safari

The only thing seperating me from this tiger is the vehicle we were traveling in. 

Our first elephant ride

Photo op with the baby Orangutan

Walking through the snake pen. Where the snakes were free to slither where they please!

We thought about bringing home a companion for Buddy!

Heading home
Before we left we took some pictures to remember our home for a short period of time.

The view from the office

Our bedroom

Our regular hangout!

My mom took this picture of us as we walk towards the entrance of  the baggage claim.  Her  camera was blurry but it was the only picture and I felt that it was necessary to include it.
We had an incredible time in Indonesia. The time we had with family was so special to us and we cannot wait to go back. We returned home with memories that will last a lifetime and with a heart for the nations. We could not have planned a better way to spend David's last semester in seminary and are so thankful for those who made this trip possible, we cannot thank you enough! We have been back for a few months now, but the friends and people we met will be in our thoughts and prayers continually. Pray that God would do AMAZING things as He calls the nations to Himself!

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