Wednesday, March 2, 2011

David Versus Wild...With Videos!

Okay, so I set out on an adventure this past weekend. Sadly Ashley was not able to come because she was watching Maya while Hayley and MJ celebrated their 5 year anniversary. I accompanied a few new buddies of mine to a small protected island (closed to settlement). We had to take these small wooden boats to get to the island before trekking for an hour and forty-five minutes through muddy jungle. IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT! We hiked to a lagoon on the island that is fed through a large hole in a rock wall. This place was like Paradise! We hung out on the beach, swam in the lagoon and then hiked up a mountain to get a 360 degree view of the landscape. This was the most beautiful view I have ever seen. I hope you enjoy the pics and videos!

The bay was filled with colorful boats.

Everybody wanted you to use  their boat, but they all had their own price.

Nice and clean before the trek.

(Note: It is usually easier and faster to watch these on YouTube. 
Just hover over the YouTube symbol and click "Watch On YouTube.)

Muddy, but excited.

Tree over the Lagoon.
At this point we had almost made it to our destination! When we did arrive, we quickly realized how worth the sweat and mud it was!

The pictures do not do justice to how blue and clear the water was. After hanging around the lagoon we climbed the mountain for a better view. Most amazing thing I have ever seen!

Put me on Survivor!

Great Guys.

After an hour and a half trek back, we said our goodbyes to the island.


Smiling but exhausted!
Thanks for checking in! I will publish a post later this week about my birthday weekend. I spent it working a Jr. High Church Camp. It went fantastic, so thank you so much for your prayers! I will put up some pictures of that and some from my birthday later. 

Continue to pray for the harvest! God is good and doing amazing things. Find where he is working and join Him!




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