Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Memorial Day weekend we went on vacation with some friends to Port Aransas. It's funny when you vacation with your child you come back from vacation feeling no more rested than you did prior to the vacation. Ava usually does not sleep well when we are not at home. So, I was thankful that she slept relatively well during the trip. Until the last night when she was up countless times that night. But it could have been worse... :)

Beach Babe!!!

Ava makes this face a lot recently. She especially makes it when she is talking.

Headed to the beach.

One pretty girl!

This is supposed to be a clown.
I didn't really see that until someone pointed it out to me.

We visited a old fashioned candy store on the second night that we were there and they had these fun cut outs to take pictures in.

Ava sporting one a very large hat! Gotta love it!

I realized that we hadn't taken many pictures this trip so we made up for it our last day at the beach!

Our friends were more prepared for the sand situation. They were genius and brought a couple of sheets to lay down on the sand so Ava could crawl around.

Little girl and her Daddy. So sweet!

Ava took really good naps on the beach! Not sure if it was the sound of the ocean or if all the activity just wore her out. Maybe it was both.

Getting sno cones. Yummy Yummy! 


Group pic before we all go our separate ways.

Ava tolerated the car ride home really well. I was so proud of my easy going girl! We even had lots of giggles! We had a blast on vacation but it was good to get back home!

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