Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Around the house

Ava being adventurous and exploring the house!

My baby sitting like a big girl

Ava playing with Mommy and Daddy on the bed

These 3 pictures were taken on Sunday and boy was Sunday a busy day. It was senior sunday at church so after church we had the senior luncheon. After the luncheon we had a graduation party for one of the seniors. So after all that activity we had some down time at home. That night we went to a dance recital for a couple of 6th graders in the youth. Ava was enthralled with the lights and music. David and I had a great time watching the students and there were some really great dances that the older kids performed as well.

We always just tip this basket over and let Ava go to town playing with all the toys inside.

I tried to capture a picture of Ava looking out at the backyard because she does this often. She will stand and just gaze into the backyard.

Crawling around

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  1. she looks like a angel in that white dress. she is so beautiful