Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Official First Update!

Family and Friends,

We apologize for the lack of updates. We have had internet trouble and hope to have it resolved soon! Anyway, we have been here for a week and a half and things are going fantastic! The best way to tell you what we have seen and done is through pictures so here we go:
And We're Off...Leaving DFW
It was great to have our family together for the few days before we left. We had a great Christmas and New Years shindig!
At the Vancouver Airport
 If you ever have to go to Canada, go through Vancouver. The Airport was AMAZING. I called it the Gaylord Texan of airports.

Ashley getting cozy.
 Turns out Ash is a champion at sleeping on airplanes. On our 14 hour flight she slept for 11 hours compared to my 1.5. I had to walk around, talk to people, watch movies, ask for treats, etc.
Movie Time!
 When Ash did wake up, it was very early morning, most were still asleep, but Ashley was awake and laughing loudly at an old episode of Friends.
On the ground in Hong Kong.

Finally in Indonesia! 35ish hours later.

First meal.
Apparently we did not take pictures until our first meal out. Here we are getting a taste of the local cuisine. It took some time for my knees to get used to the short "shin-high" tables.
Hay, Maya, and MJ
 We could not be more excited about spending the next few months with these guys!
Local farmer plowing his rice field.
Everyone here rides motorcycles. Oh, and there are no rules of the road!

Maya laughing at our car fright as we braced with every stop.

Typical road clutter.

Mosque. Still getting used to the daily calls to prayer.

Driving up a mountain on an early outing.

We would use a truck. They use motorcycles.

Local vendor. Good at the time, but may have given me the stomach bug that downed me for two days!

Two men, and a baby....on a river.

Cool stairway off the mountain path.

This was the destination of our first outing. It was awesome to see some of God's artwork.
The Perry's

Ashley was a Rockstar. Everyone wanted their picture with her.

The Hansons

Down the river from the waterfall.


My kinda zoo. NO FENCES!

Praying that chain works!

Every turn is a Kodak moment or "Nikon" moment in our case.

Looking over the valley.

Ladies getting a pedicure after their cream bath.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! We hope to update more often than we have and this will change as we get our internet problem fixed. Continue to pray for our ability to learn the language. We are taking language school daily and hope to become somewhat fluent soon! Also pray that we stay healthy. I had a bug for a few days but have since recovered and feel great. Everyone here has been very accommodating and we could not have asked for a better beginning to this journey.




  1. WOW !!! What amazing pics ---- and great commentary ! ! Maya is absolutely adorable!!!!! This is a GREAT way of feeling connected. THANKS !!
    Praying for you ALL ! ! Love, Mom

  2. I really like the homemade motorcycle/pick-up right in front of you in the pic labeled "typical road clutter". We are praying for you all daily! Love ya'll!

  3. WOW! that was amazing. Thank you for "letting us see". We are continuing to pray for you. (I am so jealous. I don't think I should show Jeremy....He might pick up and move again). He graduates in May. God only knows from then....
    Blessings. be safe, not too safe, be adventurous too.

  4. So glad you guys made it there in one piece and saw some beautiful sites on the way!

    Love the pictures :)