Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve

The yearly tradition of placing bows on the dogs.

My mom's tradition of Christmas Eve pajamas. She keeps us stocked!

Christmas Eve was so fun. Bob, Lauren and Drew spent the night. We spent the evening eating lobster and chicken and playing Ticket to Ride.

Christmas Day

Drew was into the gifts that he received. He got a play tool set and workbench. He had fun figuring out the tools and "organizing" his workbench.

Drew and his daddy opening a gift.

Drew and Buddy having a stare down.

 Watching the Veggie Tales Christmas video he received for Christmas.

Christmas at the Hanson's

Before we left for Indonesia we went to Amarillo to spend time with the Hanson clan. It was so great to see everyone before we took off.

Showing off the presents they received!

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